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composer & musician | game audio creator | writer


LOST EMBER | Mooneye Studios


PHOENIX POINT | Snapshot Games


STRING THEORY | MODULARITY released on Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section International






SOLO TRACK | Cut To The Chase






John is an Ivor Novello award-nominated composer, co-founder and host of Game Music Connect and one half of EDM music artist String Theory (Modularity) signed to Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section International.

He wrote music for acclaimed games Lost Ember and Phoenix Point as well as such iconic classics as Transport Tycoon and Xcom/UFO: Enemy Unknown. He was a music director and also wrote interactive music for key Xbox One launch title, Forza Motorsport 5, recorded at George Lucas's Skywalker Sound. His prolific career encompasses contributions to many other celebrated productions including Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix series, MechWarrior 3, B17 Flying Fortress 1 & 2, Superman, American Idol/Pop Idol, Football Manager, Wallace & Gromit, New International Track & Field, Heavenly Sword, Guitar Hero DLC, and Forza 4 (Jeremy Clarkson speech recording). He has worked for such prestigious clients as Microsoft and Sony PlayStation.

A multi-faceted independent music and audio creative with many years' experience in both the music and videogames industries, he has held a number of senior in-house and outsourced management roles (including European Head Of Audio and Game Development Manager for MicroProse/Hasbro/Infogrames), and has dozens of published titles to his credit as composer/producer, audio director/consultant, sound effects designer and voice director.

He has written a multitude of Develop magazine columns and feature pieces for pro-sound magazines such as Audio Technology, Resolution Magazine and Audio Media. He curates and has numerous times hosted the annual Develop Conference Audio Day in Brighton and has been a keynote speaker for the Audio Engineering Society. He has received a Recognition Award from the Game Audio Network Guild of America and over the last few years been invited to speak at London's School Of Sound, Bibao's BIME PRO, The Sound of Story @Rewire in The Hague, Campus Party D'Italia and the Lithuanian Academy Of Music & Theatre. He has chaired numerous awards juries for BAFTA (The British Academy of Film & Television Arts), served as an Ivor Novello judge and been featured in The Observer. His music for Lost Ember has been celebrated in a live orchestral concert at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Beyond games, he's played session keyboards extensively - both live and in the studio - and from time to time has had the privilege of backing such music legends as Ruby Turner and Steve Winwood.



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Review clips of Johnny Coppin's RIVER OF DREAMS

"...underpinned by the beautiful, brooding organ playing of John Broomhall and some fine dobro from Ben Church." - Folk Radio UK

"However, when Johnny gets back to the piano on 'Long Summer', (Note: on this track it's John Broomhall on piano!) his melodic motifs and embellishments on the piano perfectly suit the words of Laurie Lee." - FATEA Magazine

"...Break Free, a nice, laid-back song with a lovely acoustic guitar solo from Johnny and the album's first taste of John Broomhall's wonderful piano." - At The Barrier.com

"...lovely, subtle organ passages from John Broomhall." - At The Barrier.com

"The icing is spread onto an already delicious cake by John Broomhall's delightful piano coda." - At The Barrier.com

"Accompanied by John Broomhall's fine piano part, "Long Summer" is a Laurie Lee poem set to music by Coppin. The interplay between piano and Johnny's voice on this track and "The Greenway" are stunning and two of the album highlights." - Time Past and Time Passing webzine

"Coppin's voice has never been so warm, his singing seems to improve with the years, and the arrangements these songs are dressed up in underline his storytelling talent. A special mention goes to fiddler and recorder player Paul Burgess and to pianist John Broomhall, who play a major role in enhancing the descriptive power of these lyrics with their lightness of touch." - Bright Young Folk






Some recent and older projects cannot be listed due to

non-disclosure agreements

Lost Ember


Phoenix Point


Forza Motorsport 5

Co-composer & music director

Transport Tycoon


Disney's A Christmas Carol

Composer (Nintendo DS)

American Idol/Pop Idol

Overall music management/direction and audio production of

45 contributors including oversight of celebrity voice recording,

vocal recording/supervision Nashville and UK Game tools and

pipeline scheduling, budgeting integration

Forza Motorsport 4

Recording supervision/voice direction - Jeremy Clarkson

River of Dreams

Session piano, organ & synth keyboards for acclaimed 2022 Johnny Coppin album

Guitar Hero DLC - Activision/Freestyle Games

Extensive stems preparation and mixing for downloadable content including

Dragon Force, Oasis, The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Steely Dan, Flo Rida etc

Heavenly Sword

Production management of cutscene audio for Sony London/Ninja Theory

working with US Sound Designer Al Zaleski and British composer and

music artist, Nitin Sawhney

MechWarrior 3

Composer - opening cinematic

Sound design

Wallace & Gromit, Curse of the WereRabbit

Tracklaying and pre-mixing of approximately 90 cutscenes

including music supervision, editing and spotting

XCOM Apocalypse

Audio Producer

UFO Enemy Unknown/XCOM Enemy Unknown


XCOM Terror from the Deep


Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix


Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix II

Composer, opening cinematic (filming, creative direction, sound, music editing (Rob Dougan), trackside recording. Location recording and Arrows Formula I team liaison

Grand Prix III

Location recording and Arrows Formula I team liaison | original music & sound design

GP3 2000

Audio direction, original music & sound design | video direction and audio post

Grand Prix IV

Audio Director | video direction and audio post


Audio director supervising B-Boy celebrity recording at Air Studios, London with Crazy Legs and Hooch. Supervision of location recording and sound effects production by Air Studios

B17 Flying Fortress


B17 Flying Fortress II

Sound supervisor and US dialogue recording facilitator

Buzz Monster Party

Music supervision

Colonization Amiga

Music supervisor

Boo (unreleased)




Blocky Snowboarding

Sound effects design

Football Manager

Sound effects production | Warchild jingles production

Football Manager Live

Jingles composition

Battlefield Bad Company

Script conforming to final recorded assets

Casino Slots

Creation of jazz music stings & jingles for award-winning audio director/designer, Stafford Bawler

Grand Prix World

Composer and sound director

Grand Prix Manager

Audio producer

Grand Prix Manager 2

Audio producer/original music

Go! Sudoku

Music and sound production services

Guinness World Records

Music and sound production

Harrier Jumpjet


House of the Dead Wii

Pre-viz sound design and music treatment

Locomotion (Transport Tycoon)

Composer theme tune & two in-game tunes

Special Forces PC


The Legacy Realm Of Terror


Tetris Amiga

Music conversion & re-arrangement

New International Track & Field DS

Sound design

Over the Hedge

Composer & sound designer

Skydiver (mobile)

Original music and sound effects

Spirit of Speed

Audio Director and location recording

Undisclosed project for major global publisher

Supervision of dialogue recording at extensive performance capture sessions/script management and creative/technical support to director

Dora The Explorer Nintendo DS

Sound design for Allister Brimble

Bubble Guppies Nintendo DS

Sound design for Allister Brimble

Sumo Digital - Unnamed project

Sound design services

Slam Tennis

Audio manager/sound design

Superman: Shadow of Apokolips

Audio Manager/music director

Micro Machines

Audio manager/sound design

Pirates! Gold Amiga CD32

Music production

Solitaire Gothic

Original music and sound design

Angry Birds

Game trailer sc-fi comedy music composition

Spiral Words

Sound effects design and production


Sound effects


Game trailer music composition


Original music and sound design

Dance UK XL

Sound effects services




Numerous including being featured in The Observer and The Guardian>




BAFTA Interactive Festival - Translating Television IP & Scoring Interactive Music for Videogames

Edinburgh Games Festival (Harry Gregson Williams, James Hannigan, Barrington Pheloung, Stephen Deustch)

Develop Conference Audio Track (all years), Brighton, UK

MusicTank, London, UK

Music In Digital Audio-Visual

BAFTA Sounding Off 1 & 2

Channel 4 Ideas Factory, Belfast

European Developers Forum

AES Keynote, London, UK

MusicWorks Glasgow, UK (2 years) including interviewing bond composer David Arnold and EA Music Executive Steve Schnur in front of live audiences etc

Campus Party D'Italia, Milan, Italy

BIME Pro, Bilbao, Spain (3 years)

Wales Games Show, Cardiff, UK

Vision Sound Music

Sensoria, Sheffield (2 years)

Sounds Subliminal

Leading With Sound: Creative Visions For Game Audio, Copenhagen, Denmark

Game City, Nottingham (multiple years)

Lithuanian Academy of Music & Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania

The School Of Sound London, UK

The Sound Of Story @Rewire, The Hague

AES Theoretical, Technical & Practical Framewoeks for Interactive Mixing - moderated panel discussion

Game Music Connect, London, UK

Screen Music Connect, London, UK

AWEdio Jam, Edinburgh, UK

Medimex, Italy

PRS Explores, London

TIGA Sounds Investment, London

TIGA Outsourcing Best Practice

Leeds Film Festival



Bath Spa University | Hull University | Goldsmiths | Royal College Music, London

Bournemouth Media School | Futureworks, Manchester



Games Audit/Enterprise Ireland | Channel 4 | Nik Powell, National Film & Television School |

National Occupational Standards for Interactive Media | National Occupational Standards for Sound |

Consultancy to numerous clients (mainly under NDA) examples Jagex, Pivotal Games (Desert Storm),

Paul Weir (undisclosed project), Spearean Interactive, MixMax Ltd, Eidos (Square Enix) etc



Bafta Games Committee - full term | Skillset Games Forum | Edinburgh Games Festival/Edinburgh Interactive Festival |

Editorial Board of The New Soundtrack academic journal | Develop Conference - all years etc



Develop - monthly column | Audio Media - monthly news page and sundry features | Audio Technology - sundry features |

Resolution Magazine - sundry features | BAFTA Academy Magazine - feature etc



Ivor Novello judge 2018 | BAFTA games music and awards chairman and judge multiple years |

Music & Sound Awards multiple years | Develop Awards multiple years | IGDA Choice Awards multiple years



G.A.N.G. Recognition Award

Ivor Novello award nomination for Best Original Video Game Score - Lost Ember

G.A.N.G. award nomination - Best Music For A Casual Game - Transport Tycoon

G.A.N.G. award nomination - Best Game Audio Publication, Presentation or Broadcast - The Audio Of Assassination - Interview with Lydia Andrew

G.A.N.G. award nomination - Best Game Audio Publication, Presentation or Broadcast - John Broomhall interviews Rob Bridgett

Associated with sundry wins & nominations - Grand Prix 4, Football Manager, B-Boy, Forza 4



(John Broomhall is published through Allied Songwriters)

Dominic King: multi million selling songwriting guru | Ali Staton: songwriter, engineer/producer (Madonna, Daniel Bedingfield, The Wanted etc) | Mary-Jess: Chinese 'X-FACTOR' competition winner. Decca recording artist, singer of Downton Abbey theme | Ruby Turner: recording artist/actress (Love Actually)/singer with Jools Holland Rhythm & Blues Orchestra | Gillian Broomhall: author/song-writer- Allied Songwriters (Notting Hill Music) | Charles Pollock: songwriter - Allied Songwriters (Notting Hill Music) | Johnny Coppin: recording artist/songwriter (Red Sky Records) | Keith Thompson: recording artist/songwriter (Density Records/Brambus Records) | Mick Dolan: songwriter, guitarist, engineer (Steve Winwood, Show of Hands, Ralph MacTell) | Frank Farrell | Dope Ammo & Kathy Brown etc etc



Kevin Brown | Kate Gee | Danielle Desio | Steve Winwood - private production for unnamed artist | Patsy Gamble | Keith Thompson | Steve Marshall (Lee Scratch Perry) | Mick Dolan (Steve Winwood, Ralph MacTell, Show of Hands) |Alex Chapman | Johnny Barlow (Amsterdam) | Mary-Jess | Steve Ashley | Greg Platt Lake | Dope Ammo Live (NASS, The Jungle Awards) | Jeanne Marlow | Johnny Coppin | Nothing By Chance (BBC session) | David Pickering Pick (FFG) | Lewis Dickenson | Millstream Studio (Dik Cadbury) etc

Private party/local events - played with -

Gordon Jackson (Deep Feeling) | Steve Winwood | Jess Roden | Ruby Turner | Robbie Blunt | Narada Michael Walden | Michael J McEvoy | Mike Kelly (Spooky Tooth) | Poli Palmer (Family) | Bill Hunt (Electric Light Orchestra) | Ruby Turner | Liz Leaverland | Mary-Jess | Tony Kelsey (The Move, Robert Plant | Rob Mason | Rosco G

Dozens of venues and events played including Womad Festival, Trowbridge Village Pump Festival, NASS Festival, Bristol Jazz Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival



Theatre sound design - The Woman In Black (regional production) directed by Adam Fotheringham | Grand Prix IV - Production management and creative direction with Andy Cook of all in-game 'GPaedia' content | Marketing teaser videos - creative direction, music & sound production for dozens of short marketing presentations for Microprose/Infogrames/Hasbro Interactive | Volvo - recording/production for car demo for major motor shows worldwide | Games Producer and member of studio management - Microprose/Spectrum Holobyte/Hasbro Interactive | Re-mixing assistance - Richard Jacques project | Sundry production music and advertising projects | Library music | Producer> 'Independence' by Keith Thompson